Sissy Sessions:

Real time sessions can be a real scary experience for some people; especially if it your first ever visit to a Mistress or Master. Many people chicken out at the last moment, finding their nerves get the better of them. They are the ones who will always wish they had the guts to ring that doorbell and experience their deepest darkest fantasies become a reality.

Bondage & sissy sessions are among the most popular types of session I offer, which is why I have dedicated a couple of pages to writing about them. It saves a lot of repetition when informing enquiring slaves of the session.

If you are interested in another type of session; whether that be WAM, blackmail, humiliation, degradation or alike, you should simply enquire via My website's / contact forms and I'll get back to you with the relevant information.


The Session:

Sissy sessions can take a number of different forms; from forcing you to dress in a selection of frilly female clothing, teaching you to wear make-up and how to 'perform' as a women to cladding you head to toe in the tightest rubber / pvc, ensuring none of your skin is showing and you have been transformed in a rubber / pvc clad maid ready and waiting for your orders.

As you can probably tell I enjoy the latter, as it is a much more intricate and enjoyable process for Me, watching your pathetic manhood and masculinity slipping away. Watching the reaction in your eyes as your body is transformed and compressed into a feminine shape.

Playing with new sissies and female wannabe's is also fun as their naivety and vulnerability shines through and always gives Me a giggle and a warm motherly feel... is that wrong?

If you manage to get as far as visiting Me for a session, then you need to bring photo ID with you in the form of your drivers license of passport. You must be over eighteen (18) to participate in any session with Me, so to save embarrassment and to provide a giggle for Me, I always check everyone's ID at the beginning of the session.



I have quite a large collection of PVC sissy dresses which are available for hire during your session; however I expect them to be returned to Me in the same condition as when you borrowed them. You are also forbidden to cum within the dresses and on My equipment as you are not the only one using the dresses & equipment.

You can see images of the PVC Sissy Dresses and accessories I have by clicking here.



The equipment I use within My sessions is very sturdy and solid so once you have been attached or locked in place there is no way you can escape its wicked grasp. The furniture has cost a lot of money and I regularly look to purchase more equipment so if you see something you think I would like then I would welcome a link to view the item.

I have many bondage restraints, devices, rubber suits, catsuit's and clothing which can all be used during the session. In most cases, I prefer to know what equipment you would most like to use so time is not wasted; the more time I can spend binding you and torturing the better in My book.

You can see images of the bondage equipment and accessories I have by clicking here.


Sample Pictures:

If you click here you can see a large sample collection of about 20 images taken from My huge collection of session images with slaves. There are some sissy images between them so keep your eyes peeled.


The Tribute:

The basic, 1 hour, tribute for any real-time session with Me is £110 and £85 per hour thereafter. You need to be aware that depending on the details of your session there may be other fees involved in hiring some equipment. The tribute is to be paid using the following options; - PayPal - TicketsClub - Cash.

I, personally, prefer cash, presented to Me at the start of your session, along with your passport or ID.

A £25 holding deposit is required which will not only secure your chosen time and date, but will show Me you are serious about attending a session with Me and not just another timewaster trying to get a quick freebie. The deposit is non-refundable unless Mistress needs to cancel the session due to an unforeseen emergency.

You session will not be discussed in detail until the deposit has been received through one of the following methods; - PayPal - TicketsClub. The relevant information is available on the application form.


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